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Группа компаний СИС

SIS Group was born in interesting times - in 1992. Starting 90th of the XX century - a time of change, and the pursuit of opportunities. Time, which allowed five talented and visionary, without which cannot do, enterprising engineers feel the spirit of the future, the era of high technology.

SIS Group -  an international holding with wide experience in the field of telecommunications, automation, IT and security.


System integrationSystem integration

In all directions, presented at the business portfolio, we offer the development of integrated solutions and support it during the whole life cycle. We are not afraid to go beyond standard solutions the same manufacturer.

Our solutions

ProductionDevelopment and production 

Full development of the device: circuit engineering, programming and construct, SMD mounting, assembly, service and repair.

Services: Production

Designing and construction (EPC)

The whole cycle of construction work from the technical design to commissioning, the interaction with the supervisory and regulatory authorities, flexibility in addressing emerging issues.

Services: Designing
Services: Building


The customer gets a solution for success, and we take responsibility for the final result.


  • In 1992 we became the authorized partner of SIEMENS AG in the territory of Belarus and had an opportunity to work on behalf of the German concern with Customers.
  • In 1993 we executed the first project outside Belarus – construction of a departmental communication network for the pipeline «Druzhba» in the territory of Lithuania and Latvia.
  • We gained experience of scale system integration in 1996 when constructed a full-fledged technological communication system for oil transport enterprises Kremenchug – Lysychansk, Kremenchug - Pervomaisk, Ukraine. Since then we started realizing difficult complex projects for large enterprises in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, etc.
  • At the beginning of the 2000th we didn't remain away from rapid development of GSM networks and actively took up the construction of base stations, towers, masts, tripods and antenna equipment.
  • In 2003 negotiations with SIEMENS AG concern on provision of the right to make end products from the German accessories and to sell them under own trademark are held. We launched own production of telecommunication equipment in Minsk, Belarus. The line of the made equipment permanently extends. In 2007 the most powerful line of surface mounting of printed circuit boards in Belarus is mounted and brought into operation. The declared class of setting accuracy of components – 6 ơ (six sigma) that is classified as defect-free production.
  • By 2010, it was decided that it is expedient to strengthen the integration of the group companies and the establishment of board of directors for more rapid and efficient interaction between the specialized companies.
  • In 2012, we carried out the first large-scale project on energy - electricity network design to launch digital TV in Kazakhstan.
  • 2013 - will continue to actively work towards the design and construction of power, completing work on a contact network for the railway in Georgia.
  • In 2014, our business portfolio has replenished several interesting directions - compressors pumps ("turnkey"), automotive gas filling compressor stations (GFCS), boiler facilities (equipment supply, installation, service).
  • In March, 2015 in the market of Belarus the first pads under own Flycat brand are provided. Buyers can estimate the Flycat Unicum 10, Flycat Unicum 8 and Flycat Unicum 7 models, with 10-, 8-and 7-inch screens respectively, and also compact Bluetooth of the keypad.
  • In May, 2015 the representation of SIS Group is opened in Azerbaijan.

Over the years was different: we found and lost, but always aimed to estimate adequately the changes happening around and is competent to respond to them. SIS group today – the uniform harmonious mechanism.

Our decisions are based on knowledge, abilities and experience of our experts experts. We use the equipment, decisions and systems of our partners — the leading world centers of technical competences, and also own development, the equipment and the software. SIS cooperates with the leading global manufacturers and at the same time doesn't depend on one of them. We always are on the side of interests of the customer.

CofounderWe have behind shoulders of 23 years of operation, more than 800 projects executed for our customers worldwide.

We with interest go forward. We like to work in those branches where are imposed high requirements of high technologies. And that is especially valuable, we have everything – experience, experts, technological basis and a great number of potential customers – to satisfy the thirst of new fulfillments!

Vladimir Lakhtenkov


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