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Minimizing costs in agriculture with the introduction of GPS-monitoring

Chairman of the Agricultural Cooperative, whose field plow your tractor?

The minimization of the costs today speak literally in every home, and agriculture to the same and is closely monitored by the state. LLC «SIStehnologiya» knows how to increase the efficiency of agricultural enterprises.

Opportunity for decrease in expenses should be looked for in dishonesty of drivers and tractor operators which, unfortunately, is not a rarity. It is no secret that they often abuse official position, merging fuel, attributing run or trading on transport.

We know the decision!
System of satellite (GPS) monitoring of transport!

GPS monitoringSatellite monitoring of transport – system which traces your transport in real time, providing reliable information about a route, run, fuel consumption on each piece of equipment. Introduction of system of GPS monitoring allows to control use of special equipment, to prevent work on the side and the "left" flights with use of office transport for personal reasons.

The result of the system GPS-monitoring for your company - is:

  • Reliable cut of the working day on each driver and the tractor operator.
  • Control of the fuel spent at the enterprise.
  • Decrease in expenses and increase in overall performance of special equipment.

* Average payback - 1-6 months

You are the chairman of the SEC? Your colleagues are already saving, using satellite monitoring of its transport - and make sure you! Our clients Agricultural Cooperatives AgroLipnishki, Kamenchane, Lelyukinsky.


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