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Georgia held national exhibition of the Republic of Belarus


From 1st to 4th September in the exhibition center «ExpoGeorgia» hosted the national exhibition of the Republic of Belarus, which is considered to be one of the largest exhibition events in the Republic of Belarus held abroad over the last five years.

The exhibition presented a whole range of goods and services in various industries by Belarusian manufacturers, ranging from light industry to technology developments in the field of agriculture.

Being one of the participants in a large-scale event, the SIS is responsible to prepare for the event: exhibition stall 15 sq. m. under the logo SIS Group International. In addition to the application for participation in the SIS project for the construction of the Georgian railway, in the framework of the exhibition program was presented with the new project of the company «SIS Group International» - "Trading House of SIS-Georgia", the main idea is the offer of the goods and services of Belarusian production for the Georgian market.

Given the fact that Georgia is the perspective trade partner of Republic of Belarus in Transcaucasia, participation in the National exhibition was an excellent opportunity to showcase the trade potential of the company in the rapidly developing market.


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