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Telecommunication equipment from a warehouse in Minsk and Riga, a wide choice of the equipment of communication and data transmission systems: EWSD, DWDM, SDH, FMX, SRA L, ULAF+, including, the equipment which is laid off and accessories for it.

  • Equipment for data transmission systems

Multiplexers (the optical multiplexer, the flexible multiplexer, the E1 multiplexer, the SDH multiplexer, the PDH multiplexer, the access multiplexer, the digital multiplexer, the multiplexer of input of an output, the Siemens surpass hiT 7050 multiplexer) is the device allowing to transfer on one line of communication or transmission channel at the same time some different data streams.
HIT /SMA /HIT (DWDM)/ FMX/ SDF / DWDM (chassis)

The ULAF system + – the universal systems of digital access, is intended for creation of telecommunication access networks on the basis of the Ethernet and TDM technologies.

SFP (SmallForm-factorPluggable) — an industry standard of modular compact transceivers used for data transfer in telecommunications.



  • EWSD – digital electronic switching system.


  • Modules and boards for automatic telephone exchange (Siemens)

In a warehouse in Minsk and Kiev accessories (modules, boards, cables) for telephone exchanges, production Siemens Enterprise Communication (the present name – Unify): HiPath 3300/3350, 3500/3500, 3800, 4000, Hicom 300/300E. Equipment new.

Experts of service center will help to diagnose the equipment used, and pick up the necessary items from the warehouse. It can be used as spare parts, replacement fund or the same basic working
Modules and boards for Siemens PBX

  • Telephones

In stock in Kiev, Minsk and a large selection of telephone sets OptiPoint 500, Optiset E, OpenStage, as well as individual components (tubes, displays, set-top boxes).

  • ADSL equipment

ADSL equipment (ADSL-router, ADSL-modem, ADSL-router, ADSL-router, wifi-adsl modem, Omni ADSL) - modem technology that converts standard analog telephone lines in the high-speed line.
Module ADSL


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