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«SMD Mounting» — a company which is part of the SIS Group, available to all the necessary equipment for the production, installation and repair of printed circuit boards.

We offer:

Производство, монтаж и ремонт печатных плат.
PCB Assembly (automatic, manual)

       Optical control

Repair of mounted printed circuit boards of any complexity

Производство, монтаж и ремонт печатных плат.The line of automatic SMD-mounting:

  • EKRA Х3 automatic screen printer 
  • High speed component installation machines with changeable placement heads SIEMENS SIPLACE 80 S25 HM – 2 sets, the installation capacity - 25 000 components per hour each 
  • High speed component installation machine with changeable placement heads SIEMENS SIPLACE 80 F5 HM, the installation capacity – 8 500 components per hour 
  • Conveyor convection reflow oven for medium-scale and large-scale production REHM Vision 7 nitro 2.6
  • Automatic optical check system GOPEL AOI System OptiCon SpedLine 

Human mounting of output (DIP) and SMD components used When mounting a one-piece, small and experimental batches of products, the use of fully automatic cycle technically and economically unfeasible. Also manual mounting is required when using mixed technology mounting.

Repair of printed circuit boards allows:

  • unsolder (dismantle) components
  • removal of the used soldering paste
  • cooling of soldering connections
  • use of soldering pastes and glues
  • pick up, positioning and installing components
  • recovery BGA ball leads 

Private line automatic SMD-mounting Siemens, whose total capacity is 58 500 components per hour.

Surface mounting from ICU - is:

  • Optimization of production at the manufacturing stage
  • Reducing the time to prepare for the production
  • Reducing the cost of the finished product
  • High accuracy and repeatability of installing components
  • Reducing lead times and quality assurance installation
  • Reducing the cost of components

For questions, please contact the specialists of SIS Group


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